Lindsay Lohan may be clean and sober, but she still has addictions.

The recovering starlet took a morning cigarette break outside her sober living residence in Rancho Mirage, CA today (November 12).

La Lohan looked fashionable, letting her long reddish blonde hair down and highlighting her standard outfit of boots, leggings and flannel shirt with a Chanel necklace.

Despite her casual attire, the 24-year-old actress still projected the star quality that has defined her career as she strutted the quiet desert street as if it were a catwalk.

Meanwhile, it appears Lindsay is totally off drugs — even painkillers. Recent reports claim that Lindsay recently underwent dental surgery and refused to take painkillers.

“Lindsay had tooth surgery this week,” a source close to the situation is quoted as saying. “She had teeth removed and won’t even take any painkillers for the pain.”


  1. Can someone explain how do the paps know where she is, even when she is shpping, and how do they know when she is attending alcohol education classes as I saw a photo and info on another site. Does her mother call the paps feeding them info. REhab is a really delicate time why not just keep away from the public gaze.

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