Perfectly coiffed Dita Von Teese was spotted driving around Los Angeles with her miniature wiener dog in Los Angeles on Friday (November 12).

Following their drive, the pair later headed to lingerie boutique Trashy Lingerie for an afternoon of fittings.

Meanwhile, in a new interview with Britain’s Mirror, Dita explains how she transformed from timid schoolgirl to international star.

A few highlights:

On being the world’s most famous stripper: “I have never been an exhibitionist and I didn’t get into this so I could flaunt myself. I set out to do burlesque because I love the history of showgirls and like the concept of creating my own show. I find it empowering and liberating when I’m performing – I am the director, stylist, choreographer, all of it – and I honestly don’t think too much about the nudity until people remind me of it. For me, it’s like an actress performing in a nude scene. The strip was a huge part of burlesque in America in the 1930s and 40s. But I am a stripper and I don’t mind being called that. I like the word and I understand the true history of burlesque, which is very similar to modern stripping. It is part of the evolution of striptease. I am generally confident about my body, although I have my moments when I’m not. But dressing in elaborate clothes and doing my hair and make-up in a different way enables me to express myself. I am never shy when I get up on stage and I’m under the spotlights. I am entirely in control.”

On going from shy schoolgirl to Playboy cover girl: “As a child in a small farming town in Michigan, then Heather Sweet and a natural blonde, Dita developed a fascination with 1930s and 40s movie stars, watching classic films with her manicurist mother. Growing up, she dressed like them as a way of overcoming her shyness. I could become someone else when I was dressed up. I felt glamorous. I was shy so, as a child, all I did was take ballet classes and read books since I didn’t really like talking to people I didn’t know. When I grew up, I was still shy and found that dressing in extravagant clothing made me feel extroverted in a quiet, different way.”

On developing her distinctive 1940s pin-up style: “It was in 1991 and I was 19, working in fetish clubs and posing for fetish pictures as a Bettie age Page lookalike. I would dye my hair black, with a fringe, wore bright red lipstick, and wore vintage lingerie. My parents weren’t so sure what the bondage modelling was all about but they were never like, ‘you have to go to college’, nor did they have plans for me to become a doctor or a lawyer. They didn’t have the money to pay for my schooling. I was on my own.”

On making it onto the cover of the Playboy Holiday issue after Hugh Hefner saw her burlesque show: “It was like validation that what I was doing wasn’t so bad and wasn’t so underground. It’s a big deal in America if you are on the cover of Playboy. Afterwards, my father had much more respect for what I did.”

On marriage to Marilyn Manson and life with her new French lover: “When I got married I always believed in being with one man. I am a serial monogamist and I’ve had a boyfriend since I was 18 years old. I’ve always had someone in my life and, when I am in love, I am totally faithful to that person. I’ve been with Louis-Marie for 18 months and we are very compatible.”

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