It’s about time for Christina Aguilera‘s arrival!

Joined by co-star Cher, the singer-turned-aspiring actress looked like a true movie star as she hit the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of Burlesque at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood today (November 15).

While Xtina’s thriving acting career appears to be hotter than ever, her singing career has seen better days. The reason? Poor promotion of her latest album, Bionic, says producer Tricky Stewart.

“It just seemed like the timing was a little bit off and things got a little bit out of sync for her on that project,” he tells Entertainment Weekly. “It’s a matter of if it can be marketed properly. When I listen to [Bionic], I definitely am a fan. More than anything, it was promoted poorly.”

But Tricky believes Christina’s new movie Burlesque will see fans welcome the 29-year-old back with open arms. “This film is going to bring her right back where she needs to be,” he explains. “When she starts to focus on a new project, I think it’s going to be amazing.”

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