Getting an early start to the work week, Rihanna was spotted stepping out of her New York City hotel this morning (November 15) alongside her bodyguard.

The Only Girl singer was wearing a long red wig, carrying an Yves Saint Laurent tote and still wearing her new favourite “F*ck You” necklace.

Meanwhile, reviews for Rihanna’s new album, Loud, are out and they’re praiseful to say the least.

Per The Canadian Press:

Rihanna somewhat lost that spark on “Rated R.” Though it was a decent album that contained the gem “Rude Boy,” the performer tried to take her edge to the next level and went too far.

Thankfully she’s back on track with “Loud,” an 11-track set that is top-notch from its opener, the jamming fetish-revealer “S&M” to the closing number, the sequel to the riveting abuse tale “Love the Way You Lie,” where Eminem this time takes a back seat to Rihanna’s emotional roller coaster ride. And what’s in between is equally as fulfilling — or better.

Per NME:

Overall though, the fit of the rest of the album is admirable. If ‘Rated R’ seemed disparate sometimes, ‘Loud’’s experiments feel more organic, its tone better paced, from the Caribbean-tinged anthem for doomed youth of ‘Man Down’ via the glossy, dark tectonic beats of ‘What’s My Name?’ (featuring Drake) to the ludicrously banging trancepop of ‘Only Girl (In The World)’.

Per the Boston Herald:

The majority of “Loud” boasts lite-pop bedroom jams, ballads and fierce club bangers, as a supremely confident Rihanna pours on extra doses of her barely-there Barbadian accent at key moments and pushes the limits of her vocal range.

Perhaps most telling is that guest femcee Nicki Minaj, for perhaps the first time in her young career, fails to outshine a more established star. On “Raining Men,” a song that could serve as the sequel to Beyonce’s “Video Phone,” Rihanna’s utter cool easily outdistances Minaj’s trying-too-hard tactics, clarifying who’s in charge and relegating the Young Money princess to second-fiddle.


  1. That’s a Vuitton tote, right…

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