Chaz Bono was spotted taking a trip to Alvaro’s Fine Tailoring in Studio City, CA yesterday (November 15) to get fitted for a suit.

The daughter-turned-son of Cher and Sonny Bono was getting prepared for the premiere of his mom’s new movie, Burlesque.

Meanwhile, Cher is opening up about how Chaz has become a sudden target of the paparazzi following his gender reassignment surgery.

“I think Chaz knew that was gonna happen,” she says. “That was something to prepare for. That’s been happening her entire life because of me.”

In the November issue of Vanity Fair, Cher famously said that she “sometimes” feels she lacked as a parent. When asked on the red carpet last night if it was difficult to be a working mom, Cher said, “Yeah, and also I tried to drag them with me as much as I could. You do all these little tricks that you can do so that you can have them with you as much of the time as you possibly can.”

3 Responses to “CHAZ BONO GETS FITTED”

  1. Instead of turning into a dude, why didnt you get that lap band treatment first?
    You fat, gay fucking wad

  2. just askin' Says:

    Who knew that biggest dream of that adorable little blonde girl on the Sonny and Cher show was to look like this-just some fat, ugly dude.

  3. Comment #1: Don’t forget to include the following descriptions about your backwards state (from your comment in the Carrie Underwood article) : racist, small-minded, neanderthal & classless…….

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