Whether she’s in jeans and a t-shirt chasing around baby Nahla or glamming it up at an A-list event, Halle Berry always looks good.

Tonight (November 16) was no different as they Oscar-winning actress stepped up the glam factor while attending the launch of the Court of Jewels recreation at Harry Winston in New York City.

Meanwhile, Halle appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday where she wasn’t afraid to show that she was looking a little less than her best.

The 44-year-old big screen beauty had the the studio audience shocked when she lifted up both arms and revealed two round sweat stains in her armpits.

Wearing a burgundy dress, Halle laughed it off but blamed the wetness on the guests Ellen featured earlier in the show.

“I just want you to know what those Indian dancers did to me. Look,” she said. “I was so nervous for those guys I broke out in a sweat. That’s so embarrassing.”

Halle, who plays a stripper in new movie Frankie and Alice, also opened up about the terrifying moment when she thought she had lost two-year-old daughter Nahla during a trip to a department store. “Talk about sweating,” she laughed. “She was standing there and I had her hand – I swear I did. Then, all of a sudden, I look down at a price tag or something and she toddled off. I look back around and it was like whoosh, she’s gone. My heart just started and I said ‘shut the doors, close the store, my daughter’s gone.’ She was standing right next to me. After I became a lunatic she stuck her head out and said ‘hi’.”

For her part, Ellen handed Halle a gift to ensure she never loses sight of her daughter again. The Monsters Ball star roared with laughter as she was presented with a child’s jacket — complete with a huge flag sticking out of the back. The back of the jacket read: “If found return to Oscar winner, Halle Berry.”


  1. TOO SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!

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