Taking a break from the rap game, Jay-Z attended the Decoded book release at the New York Public Libaray in New York City on Monday (November 15).

The long-delayed, semi-autobiographical book that hit stores yesterday was originally conceived as a tell-all companion piece to Jay’s 2004 Black Album. But the 40-year-old rapper, who shot to stardom after an early career as a drug dealer, had reservations when he saw an early draft.

So, does he dish on his marriage to Beyonce? Not even close. Decoded instead devotes large sections to Jay’s personal philosophy about hip-hop culture, politics, the music industry, sports and whatever else is on his mind.

“I think it was important because of [Barack] Obama and the way the world is moving forward,” Jay-Z told reporters, citing the cultural shift of the urban lifestyle going from below the radar to the forefront. “We finally elected a black man president,” he continued. “So in order for us to close that chapter, to close the last chapter that we have to deal with, we have to really understand it in a way. I guess that’s what therapy is about; you have to understand it in a way before you can move forward.”


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