Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried were busy filming a scene together for their upcoming science fiction movie Now in Los Angeles on Monday (November 15).

In the scene, Justin could be seen wearing a long coat and carrying a large suitcase as he walked arm-in-arm with a scantily-clad Miss Seyfried.

Meanwhile, Mila Kunis is singing Justin’s praise — but it has nothing to do with his singing or acting talents. After spending two months filming sex scenes with the 29-year-old, she says he was “kind of great.”

The pair play two friends who decide to get romantic in her latest film Friends With Benefits.

Speaking to E! News, she insisted that there was no romantic attraction between the two, although she did enjoy the laughs.

“I can’t complain,” she said. “It’s not like I had the hardest two months. It’s not like I was, ‘Uch, I have to go to work and have simulated sex for two weeks. Darn it.’ It was kinda great.”

She added, “Wait till you see the gag reel. It was all laughter. He’s very funny. I think he knew I was going to be a little uncomfortable because he would be seeing all my bits and pieces so his way of making me comfortable was just to make me laugh. It was just very goofy.”

Sing? Act? And perform simulated on-screen sex? Is there anything Justin can’t do?

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