It appears some retail therapy is just what Megan Fox needed.

Despite the paparazzi, presence, the big screen beauty was in good spirits as she went shopping in West Hollywood today (November 16).

Looking chic in black tank top, cropped mens-inspired pants and sky-high platforms, camera-shy Megan even managed to greet photogs with a smile before being escorted back to her car.

Meanwhile, original Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter has ordered Megan to stop “trashing” the superhero after the actress branded the character “lame.”

Hollywood execs are reportedly planning to revive Wonder Woman, originally played by Lynda in the 70s, for a new small screen outing and Megan was said to be one of the actresses in contention for the role.

As you may recall, Megan spoke out about the rumours, insisting she would never play such a part, telling Britain’s FHM magazine, “She’s lame. She flies around in an invisible jet, but she’s not invisible. I don’t get it.”

Now Lynda admits she was annoyed by Megan’s comments. She tells Fox News, “Megan Fox actually kind of trashed Wonder Woman. She said she thought it was dumb, like ‘What’s the big whoop making people tell the truth.’ I like her, I just thought she shouldn’t trash Wonder Woman.”


  1. This coming from a woman whose movie had vehicles coming alive.

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