Heavyweight rapper Snoop Dogg looked to be lending his looks and acting talent, after already lending his music talent, to the set of Dr. Dre‘s new music video for Kush for Dre’s newest album Detox in downtown Los Angeles today (November 17).

Dr. Dre’s newest album has been a long time in coming but features a number of mega-talented superstar rappers including Snoop and Eminem.

The rapper/producer told Radio Big Boy that he is only a few songs away from finishing the follow-up to 1999’s 2001.

“I see the finish line right now. I’m wrapping it up,” he said. “I need about two or three more songs and hopefully I’ll start the mixing process at the end of next month. And then at that point I’m about 30 days out. I’m excited about it. I’m seriously excited about it, it’s feeling good now. One of the reasons it was taking so long was because I felt I was doing it more out of obligation as opposed to really feeling it. As of the last year I’ve been really feeling where it’s going and it feels good and I think I’m ready.”

Of upcoming single Kush featuring Snoop, Akon and Sly, he added: “It’s about weed smoking, and I don’t want people to think that that’s what my album is about. This is actually the only song with that type of content in it. But it seems that everyone likes it so we’re going to go on and push with it.”


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  2. Cannot wait. Dre is fucking huge, btw. Damn!

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