Never one to miss an opportunity to support the art world, Katy Perry attended the Michael Kohn Gallery’s 25th anniversary show in Los Angeles on Friday (November 19).

Joined by husband Russell Brand, the Firework singer was on hand to lend some star power as well as check out a portrait of herself done by none other than Kohn himself.

Earlier in the day, Russell made an appearance on Larry King Live where he opened up about his recent high-profile wedding to Katy.

A few highlights:

On how he met Katy: “At the MTV Awards. I was hosting the MTV awards in Radio City, New York. And I was the host and I was showing off, trying to impress people and being funny in that. And while I was showing off in front of my mate, a bottle arched the room struck on the head from distance, I looked at the trajectory using my knowledge of geometry, I looked out, it must have come from Katy Perry’s impressive right arm. I thought that’s very good that she threw that bottle that accurately from that distance. And a woman with an arm that strong, I have to have in marriage.”

On falling in love: “Always a shock. And what I like, Larry, is the acknowledgment of love between two people registers the capacity for all of us to love one another. It makes me feel more abundant love for all people. And I think that this is the kind — this is what we should be building our culture around. Now, I know that it’s very difficult to build an economic system around love, but it’s better than building one around greed.”

On what Katy is really like: “She likes to laugh. She’s a normal person, really, really smart, very determined, clever, shoots from the hip and from the heart.”

On whether he’s an admirer of Katy’s talent: “Yes, when I saw her at the performance at the AMAs the other day, she’s phenomenal. But that’s exciting about maybe fame or showmen or show women, that when she’s performing, oh, my word, she’s word, she’s phenomenal, an incredible gift, her voice. The songs are brilliant, her dancing, she’s a great entertainer. But aside from that being, she likes to just laugh, a normal person, easy to hang out with. The most normal relationship I’ve ever had probably because there’s just one of her.”

On getting married in India: “It was a very traditional wedding other than taking place in India. It was — Katy’s background is of course Christian. So we were very respectful.”

On whether the tabloids offered money for wedding photos: “Yes, all of them. But once you have sold the photos of the wedding, how can you then go, hey, give us privacy. Makes you look bad. So no, we kept it private and normal, as much as possible.”


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  2. bambinoitaliano Says:

    Give it another 6 months Russell, you ll probably wantto scratch your eyes out…

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