Avril Lavigne made a solo arrival to the 2010 American Music Awards in Los Angeles today (November 21).

Opting to keep boyfriend Brody Jenner off the red carpet, the 26-year-old pop rockstress made her way along the press line in a graphic black and white mini dress and embellished open-toed booties.

Before stepping out, she tweeted: “Excited to go to the American Music Awards this Sunday. Will be introducing a performance. : ) xoxo”

Meanwhile, Avril is trying something new on her upcoming fourth studio album.

After three successful pop/rock albums, she is now experimenting with hip-hop, according to producer Alex da Kid.

“It’s a mixture of pop/rock and what I do,” the mastermind behind Love the Way You Lie says. “We’ve got some things that are hip-hop leaning, and we’ve got some things that are more pop/rock leaning, so it’s what we both do just kind of combined into one thing.”

Earlier this year, Avril talked about “bureaucratic BS” which caused her album to be long delayed. Responding to this issue, Alex refuses to say much, “I’m not sure what’s going on with the album, just because she’s been working on this album for a long time.” But he admits, “So I think there’s a lot of stuff going on politically and behind the scenes.”

Aside from those problems, Alex says he really enjoys working with Avril. He gushes: “I really liked working with her. She’s really cool and down to earth. It was a good experience.”

Avril’s forthcoming lead single is called What the Hell. Its music video will be shot “in 2 weeks and will be out in January.”

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