Hayden Christensen played it cool as he quickly jumped into his on and off girlfriend Rachel Bilson‘s car outside her home this morning (November 22) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actor drove solo in her Prius to Cravings restaurant trying to keep cool in his Canada hat while he waited for something or someone while chatting on his cell phone.

Hayden and Rachel first met while filming Jumper in 2007 and later became engaged in December 2008. However, the physical distance between the pair — Rachel lives in Los Angeles while Hayden remains mostly in Canada — was said to be responsible for the breakup in August 2010.

And while they’re definitely back on, it appears Hayden and Rachel are playing it safe and “just dating”….for now. Now let’s just hope they’re not planning to make Jumper 2.


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  2. In this context “Prius” means booty… right?

  3. Hey, I hope they do make Jumper 2. I liked the first movie a lot.

  4. They made a really cute couple, so I think it’s great if there working things out!

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