Even after getting a parking ticket, Kate Hudson was all smiles as she and her son Ryder Robinson attended a holiday celebration at Ryder’s school in the Pacific Palisades, CA on Friday (November 19).

Meanwhile, Kate admits she hasn’t ruled out having plastic surgery in the future but says she would never go under the surgeon’s knife now.

“If it’s there, I am sure when the time comes I would want to know about it,” says the 31-year-old actress. “I don’t have judgments against women who do it. I haven’t come to that point yet, so I haven’t had to think about it. It’s a different time and there are all sorts of things laser treatments and peels and I don’t judge a woman for it. Obviously, when they go crazy with it, it’s definitely not attractive, but I think that it’s a personal choice.”

While Kate may consider plastic surgery in the future, she admits she is quite low-maintenance when it comes to her everyday look.

Discussing whether she is low-maintenance or high, she says: “I come somewhere in between. Nobody wants to admit it. Of course my brothers would say I am high and my friends would say low. But if you saw me right now, I’m definitely low maintenance, with chipped polish and hair not brushed. In terms of beauty regimen, I am definitely low maintenance. But in terms of work and laziness, I don’t like when people are lazy. When it comes to work, I am high maintenance. I expect everybody to show up.”


  1. yep, boob job for sure!

  2. GMAFB!! Whether she’s had a boob job I can’t say. But that woman has had extensive work on both her nose and chin! Just check her kid photos. Her face looks entirely different. She used to look more like Ryder.

  3. And who wears boots like that!

  4. Kate gets a pass with me because she’s Goldie’s daughter. That is all.

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