Jennifer Garner and her husband Ben Affleck were as happy as can be as they left a neighbourhood in Los Angeles today (November 23) after viewing what looked to be an open house.

The celebrity couple walked away from the home with a fly of information in hand, but what could the couple be interested in this little place for?

Ben and Jen haven’t been in their newly remodeled Brentwood, CA home very long and put a ton of work into it.

Meanwhile, Ben and his BFF Matt Damon are out to raise awareness this holiday season that a staggering 1 in 6 Americans or over 50 million — including 17 million children — are hungry.

Based on findings from a just-released U.S. Department of Agriculture report, the friends taped two separate PSAs for Feeding America and the Ad Council, which were done pro bono by agency Cutwater and will air in advertising time that has been donated by the media.

CLICK HERE to check out the PSA.

Interested in joining the fight against hunger? Visit the Feeding America website where you can sign up to volunteer at one of their 200+ partner food banks, purchase holiday cards that support their work, make a financial contribution or help spread the word.


  1. This is simply a photo op, they are not house hunting, why would they be interested in this crappy house? They were prolly running errands but paps could not get a good shot of them out and about so Ben and Jen decided to “pretend” they were looking at this house just so paps could get their “money shot” with both together since they have been apart for two freakin months. Ben does have a new movie coming out in 2 weeks, The Company Men, so perfect timing right? These two are so predictable.

  2. Yes ,and there was a leprechaun dancing also .Did you see it? Come on get a grip.They aren’t house hunting they have a house already.They’re probably just visiting friends.It’s the holidays and that’s what normal people do.And for the poor fool ,who believes this is a photo op.I suggest you get glasses or stop reading tabloids.It will help with the hallucinations

  3. Maybe they are looking for a house for his mother or her parents? Who knows?

    If they need a way to figure out how to feed the starving children, why don’t they sell their $20,000,000 mansion and buy something a little more modest and donate the proceeds to feed the hungry. That would probably take care of the problem. Greedy idiots.

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