Sporting some bold blue lipstick, Ke$ha was spotted stopping to sign autographs with fans while out and about in Los Angeles yesterday (November 22).

The Take It Off singer was spending an afternoon out with her little cousin and brother when she stopped for a quick meet and greet and a few admirers.

Meanwhile, in a new interview with Spin magazine, Ke$ha talks fahsion, bullying and her new album.

A few highlights:

On her dress at the American Music Awards: “It was made out of VHS-tape innards. When Nashville flooded earlier this year, all my favourite VHS tapes from when I was little — Wayne’s World, The Lost Boys — were in my basement and got destroyed. I was watching Lost Boys recently and thought, ‘I should wear the insides of this tape as my dress at the AMAs.’ All my dancers had Kiefer Sutherland mullet-mohawks, too. The idea was to create a very dark world of hot vampire people — some of whom are boys wearing high heels and fishnets. It’s a celebration of being yourself. The point is: f*ck hate, f*ck cynicism. It’s about time that society accepts people for who they are.”

On being bullied as a kid: “Yeah. I was a f*cking weirdo. I grew up in the Bible Belt and I made my own clothes and dyed my hair purple. Nobody ever knew what to do with me. I still think America’s trying to figure out what to do with me. I deal with haters on a daily basis. I’m a Pisces so I used to take it really personally, but now I never go online except to check my email. Obviously there are millions of people who like me enough to listen to all the stupid shit I say. Here’s my response to haters: If you don’t like my song, then turn off the radio. Take it or leave it, love me or hate me. I’m not going anywhere.”

On why she dropped her sophomore album so soon: “Not to sound like a cheese dick, but my fans are my entire life at this point because I’m always on the road. I feel like they’ve become my family. With my first album, I only had enough material for an hour-long show, and I wanted enough for a two-hour dance party that’s gonna take over the planet. Plus, I wrote songs all throughout this crazy whirlwind experience of the past year.”

On her favourite dumb pop song: “My guilty pleasure is ‘OMG’ by Usher. He says something like, ‘Honey’s got some boobies like pow, pow, pow.’ Just the fact that he uses the word “boobies” is horribly amazing.”

On her Thanksgiving plans: “I finally get to go home to Nashville! I’ve only been home for one day in the past year — it’s f*cking insane. I’m taking three days off, which is an eternity. I don’t know what I’m going to do, exactly, but I know for sure that I’m not gonna look hot for three days straight.”

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