Accompanied by her two children Austin and Lola, actress Stacey Dash was all smiles as she walked around New York City on Tuesday (November 23).

The adorable trio were all bundled up for the cold winter weather as they spent the afternoon out and out in the Big Apple.

Meanwhile, Stacey and fellow beauty Denise Richards are reportedly on board to become hosts of Night Tales – the branded horror film and TV franchise from Jamie Foxx and Deon Taylor’s production shingle.

Night Tales Presents will see Denise and Stacey serve as the recurring stars and hosts of the all new TV series, currently being shot in Los Angeles.

Jamie and his business partner have co-written and co-directed the pilot and several half-hour episodes that have guest appearances from rapper Method Man, funnyman Tom Arnold and actor Jason Mewes.

The pair penned the pilot episode and will collaborate with a number of top writers for the series.


  1. That’s her son? How old was she when she gave birth to him?

  2. She is 40-something, she just has good genes and looks great.. just like Sheree on the RHWOA… who has a 24 year old daughter and she is 40 and looks like the big sister… good genes go a long way and good skin!!

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