David Beckham was spotted strutting his stuff for LA Galaxy during their friendly match against The Newcastle Jets in Australia today (November 27).

At one point, the soccer ace offered admirers a treat when he ripped off his shirt and gave it to a female fan.

David’s team lost 2-1 to the Aussies, and Becks himself battled through a back problem to play the whole 90 minutes.

He admitted, “I normally wouldn’t have played but I think when a game like this comes up you want to play. Tonight was tough obviously, getting myself fit for it. I haven’t trained since our last game but aside from the back pain, I enjoyed the game… the majority of time I was pain free.”

Beckham later added: “Everyone in Newcastle has been incredible to us. We thank them for that as well because when you come to different countries and cities to be welcomed how we’ve been welcomed really is unbelievable. It was a great game tonight. We’ve enjoyed our stay here and we’ve enjoyed our game tonight. It’s the fans that deserve the applause because they turned out tonight to see a game, so congratulations to them.”


  1. I just don’t find men built like a 12 year old sexy….

  2. He is athletically slim and very SEXY

  3. Ya just know this makes teabagger “M.E.” tingle in his happy spot! 😀

  4. he looks trashy

  5. domino…


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