Kim Kardashian kept things unflattering as she stepped out with her sisters in New York City today (November 30).

Sporting a skirt that’s all sorts of wrong for her body type, the 30-year-old tabloid star was visiting the Fox 5 and CW studios to promote something or another.

Meanwhile, in what is undoubtedly a sign of the times, Kim is apparently bigger than President Barack Obama — at least according to’s list of the Top People Searches for 2010.

The vapid reality TV star received 20% more searches than the Microsoft-powered search directory’s second most popular term, Sandra Bullock.

According to Bing, 2009’s top searched term, Michael Jackson, dropped to the No. 11 position for most popular people in 2010.

Following Kim and Sandra are Tiger Woods (No. 3), Lady Gaga (No. 4), Obama (No. 5), Kate Gosselin (No. 6), Justin Bieber (No. 7), Sandra’s scandalous ex-husband Jesse James (No. 8), Lindsay Lohan (No. 9) and Jennifer Aniston (No. 10).

This, of course, begs the question: Are people still scrowering the internet in search of Kim’s age old sex tape with Ray-J? Still???

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