Lance Armstrong and family were spotted laying out at a beach in Miami today (November 30) while enjoying their vacation.

Despite being a 7-time Tour de France winner, it looks like the family time may be taking a toll on Lance’s always in-shape form.

While laying under the sun, Lance tweeted a photo fo his six-week-old daughter Olivia and wrote: “Hanging poolside with a beautiful little lady.”

Meanwhile, federal prosecutors will soon have to either stop chasing the seven-time Tour de France winner or present a charge that ties one of the world’s most famous athletes to drug use.

Lance’s popularity, his wealth, his ties to powerful figures including former US presidents, his vehement denials, scores of clean drug tests – and, above all, his status as a cancer survivor and advocate for eradicating the disease – make him a rather tough target.

But for those who believe Armstrong cheated, all of those obstacles are less important than proving his guilt and striking perhaps the biggest blow to date against performance-enhancing drugs.


  1. ” scores of clean drug tests ” You said it right there. He would have been busted by now by the very same testing techniques used on everyone else that’s bee caught. Lance has been tested 10x more often than any other rider, and 30 to 1x any Olympic athlete, all with negative results. I’d say it’s time to leave him alone as an innocent man.

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