Knox Jolie-Pitt was a lucky boy as she spent the day alone with her actress mother Angelina Jolie in Paris, France today (December 1).

The adorable mother-son duo took a trip to see the Trocadera Aquarium and also got to enjoy a little snow fall on their way out.

Meanwhile, despite reports at the time, Angelina did not get an “energy wave” tattoo on her stomach while filming Pushing Tin in Toronto in 1998.

But she did get the Roman Numeral XIII on her arm in Hogtown. “It was about my brother’s birthday, and it was about confronting things that are unlucky. It was eventually transformed into this one,” Angelina told QMI Agency today in a 1-on-1 interview in Paris, where she’s promoting The Tourist, her new thriller with Johnny Depp.

Angelina then bares her shoulder and shows a rather more elaborate Roman Numeral. “It’s the date of Winston Churchill’s ‘blood, sweat, toil and tears’ speech, which I always found inspiring.”

Though she is no longer a wild child, Angelina is still fond of tattoos, and sports a series of longitudes and latitudes on her arm — representing “the different locations I met my children.”

She also has a quote from Tennessee Williams, near her left elbow — “The prayers of the wild at heart — kept in cages.”

“It’s the one tattoo I got with my mother, before she passed away. We both always loved Tennessee Williams. She knew him and he was so lovely to her when she was pregnant with my brother and my father (Jon Voight) was doing (A Streetcar Named Desire).

“I think as an actor you’re always this blank canvas for your characters, and I was always feeling this odd thing that my characters had more freedom of expression than I did. It was just after (her Oscar-winning turn in) Girl Interrupted, when during filmmaking, I felt very free. And then I was back questioning what certain freedoms are. What’s normal, what’s acceptable?”

And she’s not done yet. “Brad and I have been talking about new ones recently.”

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