With coffee in hand, Kate Walsh looked like she was in need of a wardrobe change while on break from the Private Practice set in Los Angeles today (December 1).

Despite the less than flattering ensemble, the 43-year-old star managed to laugh at being caught on camera in brown fur boots, a burgandy coat and leopard print dress.

Meanwhile, Kate is riding high following the success of her debut fragrance Boyfriend.

The actress-turned-perfurmer made an appearance on HSN on November 11 and 12 to hawk her merch and it managed to sell out on day one, exceeding sales expectations. The success of launch day sales of the Boyfriend fragrance occurred in just 50 minutes of air time.

Kate describes her inspiration for the fragrance coming from a mysterious ex-boyfriend whose scent she missed. She wanted to be able to recreate the scent of that shirt he left behind. “A warm, nuzzly scent, this fragrance embraces you like a big hug. I really wanted women to have that delicious feeling of romance whether ‘he’s’ in the picture or not,” she says. “I was thrilled to launch on HSN and to share my vision of the Boyfriend story with HSN viewers.”

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