LeBron James was spotted leaving Lucky Strike Bowling Alley in Miami at around 2 am early this morning today (December 1) despite having a game against the Detroit Pistons later on in the day.

The 25-year-old phenom, who took off in a bright orange Jeep Wrangler, was reportedly hanging out with some of his fellow Heat teammates as well as boxer Floyd Mayweather.

LeBron stayed out unusually late despite the Heat struggling in the beginning of their season with an unexpected slow start.

He will play his first game against his former team the Cavaliers in Cleveland on Thursday (December). LeBron, who infamously declared to bring a championship to Cleveland, has said he expects the reception to be “hostile” and “intense.” (Understatement of the year?)

“I’m ready for whatever response I’m going to get,” he said yesterday. “It’s going to be very emotional. I give a lot of thanks to that city, to those fans for giving me the opportunity to not only showcase my talent, but to grow from a young boy to a man during my seven years. So it’s going to be very emotionally draining. I can tell already.”

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