Doing what she does best, Paris Hilton was seen wandering aimlessly while out and about in West Hollywood on Wednesday (December 1).

The 29-year-old socialite kept hydrated with a fresh glass of lemonade as she spent the afternoon shopping and paparazzi hunting.

Meanwhile, though she was fully mobile on this day, Paris was left stranded in Los Angeles on Tuesday after her hybrid car broke down.

The hotel heiress was driving through Los Feliz, CA when her GMC Yukon hybrid suddenly stopped at the side of the road. Paris subsequently discovered she had run out of gas and electricity, which are both required to power the vehicle.

She eventually called her BFF Brooke Mueller to help her out, and the estranged wife of Charlie Sheen quickly arrived on the scene with petrol canisters to fill up Paris’ engine.

Paris even kept her fans up to date with her driving drama throughout the incident, writing on Twitter, “So brutal, my car ran out of gas, waiting for my girls to come rescue me. I saw that it said low fuel, but it said I had 32 miles of gas left. So I thought I could make it to the gas station. Brooke to the rescue! Thank goodness for great friends.”

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