How does Reese Witherspoon celebrate receiving a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? By going shopping, of course!

The Oscar-winning actress was all smiles today (December 2) as she shopped around at Williams-Sonoma in Los Angeles with her mother Betty Reese-Witherspoon just one day after receiving the honor.

Meanwhile, Reese’s latest film How Do You Know hits theatres on December 17. What’s more? She is already lined up for six more with another seven more in development.

She currently in the midst of filming This Means War. The McG-directed flick is a romantic action comedy that co-stars Tom Hardy and Chris Pine. The film centers on two best friends who have been inseparable since childhood. They grow up and discover that they’ve fallen in love with the same woman, which causes their close bond to disintegrate. They’re both veteran spies and what goes from a typical love triangle turns into a conflict of epic proportions.

Angela Bassett was just cast as “the boss to Pine and Hardy’s characters who has dedicated her entire life to the spy business and has no life outside the CIA.”

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