Entertainment Weekly has named Taylor Swift the youngest Entertainer of the Year since the publication launched in 1990.

While the praise and accolades are nice, here’s how the mag tried to get some dish on her new beau Jake Gyllenhaal:

EW: Okay, moving on: Have you seen any good movies lately?
Swift: Um, yes! [Laughs] What have I seen lately? None that are out yet.

EW: How about Love & Other Drugs, starring Jake Gyllenhaal?
Swift: [Smiles] It’s a good movie.

EW: So what’s it like to go away for a weekend with someone and have it end up on the cover of a magazine?
Swift: I write in great detail about my personal life, but I don’t talk about it.

EW: Is anyone in your life allowed to say, “You can’t write a song about me”?
Swift: Nothing is off-limits as far as writing. You can’t have parts of your life you don’t write about.

Among the others who made the list after Taylor: Jon Hamm, Kanye West, the kids of Modern Family, James Franco, Stieg Larsson, Katy Perry and the Glee gang.

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