Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt enjoyed a well-deserved break from their parental duties last night (December 2).

The pair looked more in love than ever as they held each other in a tight loving embrace while making their way to the car after a romantic dinner date at Guy Savoy restaurant in Paris, France.

Meanwhile, though she’s a refined beauty, it appears Angelina still has a thing or two to learn when it comes to refining her manners.

“I had to take some manners classes,” Angelina tells USA Today of her latest role in the comedic thriller The Tourist, opening December 10. She plays a femme fatale socialite who lures co-star Johnny Depp into a trap of killers.

“She’s probably the most ladylike I’ve ever played,” she adds. “There’s a part of me that goes dark quickly. It’s my natural thing, to be a little less female and soft. And she’s very soft.”

Not everyone agrees.

“Angelina is otherworldly,” Johnny says of his co-star. “She floats above. She levitates. But, at the same time, she is incredibly grounded, as though she were the very center of the Earth. I knew immediately that she was a great mommy. Probably the best compliment one can give another. Furthermore, she is focused like few others are. She is always looking around the corner for the next idea. She’s a great girl.”

Despite rumours that wife Vanessa Paradis was opposed to Johnny working with her, Angelina says the two families became close.

“My family is with me the whole time, and when his family came out [to Venice, Italy], the only time we all went out was when we got our kids together, hung out with Brad and Vanessa, and our boys played video games into the night,” she says. “It’s nice to work with somebody when you’re in a similar time in your life with your priorities.”

Meanwhlile, Angelina says 9-year-old Maddox is “almost old enough to watch” Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the film where his parents fell in love while shooting it in 2003. “He keeps asking about it. To see your parents, it must be so strange. We’re trying to figure out when, but his friends have seen it, so it’s funny for him.”


  1. She HAS to keep the spark alive cause she knows Brad has a 5 year itch…

  2. Wow, could Johnny Depp climb up any further into Jolie’s scrawny ass? Otherworldly. She levitates. fucking gag me.

  3. What lovely comments from Johnny. Nice to read.

  4. “girl” Obviously someone wrote this for him. No one who actually knew Angie would describe her as a “girl”.

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