Kellan Lutz was spotted leaving his home in Los Angeles on Thursday (December 2) with his bags packed and ready for take off.

The hunky actor and underwear model was on his way to the airport but wouldn’t release his destination and with three projects running he could be going anywhere!

Meanwhile, Kellan it’s that it ain’t easy to be taken seriously as a vulnerable actor because of his tough-guy look.

The actor plays the part of Emmett Cullen in the Twilight series and is playing the role of a thief-turned-murderer in his new film Meskada.

After the premiere of the new film in Hollywood, Kellan spent the evening with his Twilight co-star Ashley Greene, who plays his sister Alice, and her boyfriend Joe Jonas.

According to Variety, he said: ‘It’s tough for me to play vulnerable, or be taken serious as vulnerable. People don’t look at me that way. I’m a 6’1, 195-pound guy. In a studio movie, I audition and they’re like: ‘No, Kellan, can’t play this thing at all. It’s nice to find independents that you can have fun doing.”

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