Halle Berry looked to be in a good mood as she left a West Hollywood restaurant today (December 3) with new boyfriend Olivier Martinez by her side.

However, tempers soon flared as the pair was making their way to their car, resulting in French-born Olivier allegedly striking a photographer before getting into his car and knocking another to the ground with his camera.

What caused Olivier’s angry outburst?

Meanwhile, Halle says she took the part in her new movie to raise awareness of mental illness, because she’s tired of people misunderstanding the problem.

The Oscar-winning actress plays Frankie Murdoch, a woman who suffers from multiple personality disorder, in Frankie & Alice. She is keen to make people face the problem of mental illness head on, explaining it is much more prolific than people think. Halle has suffered from depression in the past, and says many don’t even understand what having that illness is like.

“We should talk about it, I hope this movie incites people to talk about the issue,” she explains to Fox News. “I see homeless people on the street and I think people think they’re just derelicts or drug addicts, but many of them really suffer with real mental issues.”

In the movie, one of Frankie’s personalities is racist despite her being a black woman. That concept intrigued Halle greatly, and she is keen to see how the story is received by fans.

“A black woman who splits off into a white racist, right there that’s got to be a story worth telling,” she says. “I really wanted to understand how that could happen, why that would happen and I wanted to see her journey of how she healed herself because our character actually triumphs.”


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  2. I would never date a man who just looses his temper like that and lashes out with physical violence.

    • Are you kidding? Do you know what these paps say to celebs to get them to react? Filthy, dirty, racial, insults to name a few… He’s a hero in my book. I think a man who will defend a woman from this type of harassment is sexy and a true gentleman.

  3. I don’t think punching helps anyone, but I agree with Vivian. They are disgusting, bothersome fucks. I can’t imagine being watched and followed each time I leave my house – never mind harassed! And with telephoto lenses on top? Must be hell.

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