Halle Berry was spotted leaving a restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA on Sunday (December 5 with some friends.

Upon her departure, it looked as though the frequently photographed actress could not escape being shot trying to pick something out of her teeth.

Meanwhile, the Oscars are just around the corner and Halle is definitely throwing herself in the running in the Best Actress category in her latest flick Frankie and Alice. But according longtime Hollywood reporter Roger Friedman, it ain’t gonna happen.

A few highlights from his latest story:

Halle’s try for an Oscar nomination this season isn’t going to work, although I have to give her credit. Her work in “Frankie and Alice” is very good. Unfortunately, the movie is not.

There are so many screenwriters credited to this movie that if they tried to eat together in a restaurant they’d have to book months in advance and leave a deposit. At least seven people admit to butchering “Frankie and Alice.” It is a true hot mess.

The director, Geofffrey Sax, comes from television, and it shows in the worst way. He really falls prey to every TV movie cliche. And yes, he’s hampered by a script so underdeveloped and unknowing that Sax has no place to go anyway. (Believe it or not, the shrink is learning to love jazz–made by black musicians–just as he meets Frankie. Really! LOL)

It’s not easy finding material for women, and for black actresses it’s especially difficult. Halle Berry is so talented and beautiful, you’d think there’d be a way to tailor something for her–and use a decent director. I am rooting for her all the time. But “Frankie and Alice” isn’t going to do it.


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