Joined by her entourage, Britney Spears looked super happy as she made a visit to Walmart in Calabasas, CA today (December 7).

Showing off an array of happy faces, the pop star shopped for holiday things and giggled with her bodyguard in tow.

Meanwhile, in a new article by Star magazine, the tabloid stands by its story of domestic abuse and suggests a recenty publicity cover-up. Here’s the latest trash. Do with it what you will:

As packaged details of Britney and Jason’s “romantic” weekend getaway to Mexico spread across celebrity sites, Star reports in our Dec. 20 issue that the trip was merely a publicity stunt designed to make the troubled couple appear happy. In truth, sources say the pop princess feels trapped.

“Britney is a cash cow,” an insider tells Star. “Her parents and management are really trying to keep the scandal under wraps so that it doesn’t affect her career – or the paychecks.”

And after her very public breakdown in 2007 — during which her career and finances took major hits — nobody on Team Britney wants to go through that again.

“Britney has come so far in the last couple of years, and no one around her wants to see it all come crashing down,” adds the insider. “So for now, it looks like she’ll have to stay with Jason. No one else knows what to do.”


  1. walmart sux!

  2. big deal women get hit and get up and go to work everyday britney is no different. most men hit physically and verbally and that is reality. she should cover it up if they are staying together it’s no one’s business but theirs. why should britney leave for the next man to do the same thing. i’m sure being very wealthy makes it easier to deal with.

    • LOL,

      A. it’s clear what low standards you have in men, have fun being beaten the rest of your life like a coward.

      B. I cant believe anyone that listened to Stars bullshit tapes thinks it’s TRUE, come the fuck on now.. That is NOTHING like her voice, and the “black eye” on the cover was photoshopped, pull the head out of your ass.

  3. poor women who get hit dont leave their abusive men because they are getting beaten, they leave because they are poor. if they were rich they would stay. money makes everything all better.

  4. She is just so useless to me, there she is going to Walmart.. OK, big deal.. either its Starbucks, Walmart or some shopping trip.. big deal.. and who really cares about this dame!! When is her sex tape coming out… another thing i would need to avoid like the plague!!

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