Fitness magazine offers up a list of the “best” celeb bods as part of a new year-end list:

Best Celeb Slim Down (a tie):
Kelly Osbourne, who dropped 50 pounds and six dress sizes, tied with Jennifer Hudson, who went from a size 16 to a size 6.

Best Body After Baby:
Bethanny Frankel. At 40, this Real Housewife lost an astonishing 29 pounds in 21 days after giving birth to her daughter this year.

Best Age Defiers (a tie):
Courteney Cox, 46, who stays fit with the Tracey Anderson Method, a combination of dance aerobics and toning. And Kathy Griffin, 50. Although the comedienne has turned to diet pills and plastic surgery in the past, Fitness says she has lately stuck with diet and exercise to stay trim.

Best Bridal Bod:
Carrie Underwood, who ramped up her workouts pre-wedding with trainer Tony Greco by doing a balance of cardio and strength training.

Best Bride to Be:
Kate Middleton, who works out at the gym for an hour a day.

Best Curves:
Christina Hendricks, who is a fan of the BOSU ball, treadmill and weight workouts and loves real foods, regardless of the calories, such as avocado and olive oil.

Best Mom Abs:
Kate Gosselin, who believes she has a better body now than when she was in her teens and 20’s. Rain or shine, she hits the same running trail for 30-45 minutes a day and sticks to a strict all-organic diet.

Hottest Morning Show Host (tie):
Kelly Ripa, who hones her muscles with five-times-a-week workouts at Physique 57, tied with Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who stays in shape with a routine of cardio, core work and weight training every other day.


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  2. Gonna make “Me” really angry that Kathy Griffin made that list! 😀

  3. Bethanny Frankel was so busy working out and dieting after her baby she lost 29 lbs in 21 days? One question? Who was bonding and caring for her infant?

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