Victoria Beckham was among a slew of stylish attendees at the 2010 British Fashion Awards in London, England today (December 7).

Joined by Samantha Cameron, the wife of the Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister in Britain, the 36-year-old designing diva showed off some serious leg as she celebrated the best and brightest in the world of fashion at The Savoy Theatre.

Meanwhile, Victoria says she would like to add Angelina Jolie to the numerous Hollywood names she already designs for.

She says it would be a priviledge if the Oscar-winning beauty would wear one of her dresses to a red carpet event.

Speaking about who she would like to dress for, Victoria says: “I would love to see Kate Bosworth and Angelina Jolie in my dresses, and of course, Michelle Obama.”

Already, the First Lady has made quite the fashion name for herself since taken up residency in the White House last year.

Victoria may be better known for her super skinny styles, she has recently revealed that her latest label is for “the curves of a woman’s figure. The range of dresses was designed to help women look and feel their best.

The woman otherwise known as Posh says: “What’s alluring for me this season are the curves of a woman’s figure — sensual volume and a defined silhouette that allows for freedom of movement.”


  1. lola lola Says:

    She’s trying to go all “Angelina” but the look doesn’t work for her.

  2. I love the dress but I think she looks like shit! And I never say that about her! She just looks really tired and drawn and the hair and makeup is not doing her any favours. She has looked a million times better than this before!

  3. Omg, if I see her pose in this riDICulous way one more time, I’m going to eat my own tongue. She look like such an idiot. Seriously, who stands like that?

  4. She has never looked worse.

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