Adriana Lima is back on the promotional trail once again.

The Brazilian-born beauty was in Schaumburg, Illinois today (December 8 ) to promote the $2-million Fantasy bra at Victoria’s Secret at the Woodfield Mall.

Dressed in a sexy red mini dress, Adriana hammed it up for cameras before sitting down to sign autographs for a couple hundred of her adoring fans.

Meanwhile, Adriana recently made headlines after she revealed that she feels sexier after pregnancy.

“Actually, I feel more confident, even more beautiful, more sexy after I gave birth to my daughter,” she said.

However, Adriana said, she was worried about getting back on the catwalk after gaining 50 pounds during her pregnancy.

“That’s all (the weight) I tell,” she said. “That’s all I can say. … I was very nervous about it. I say, ‘Am I going to be able to, you know, lose the weight? I don’t know how my body’s going to react.’ How fast I was going to lose the weight. It wasn’t an easy road. But, you know, I’m persistent. So it wasn’t easy to find, you know, an extra 30 minutes between Valentina’s naps to just run to the gym and you know, do my jumping rope and my boxing.”


  1. Where’d the muscle tone go? Crash dieting will eat your muscle.

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