Jennifer Lopez and the rest of the American Idol judges Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson were spotted arriving in Pasadena, CA today (December 8 ) for Hollywood Week.

The trio spent the day sorting the contestants for Idol into the final group for the show.

Meanwhile, CLICK HERE to check out a sneak peek of the new season.

“It takes a lot of guts to come out here and do this,” J.Lo tells hopefuls in a just-released promo of the show. “We know this. We’ve been in your position. We understand how you feel. Have fun and believe in your destiny. Just do your thing, okay?”

She is later seen telling a talented contestant, “You’re obviously capable of doing anything,” and another one whose knees are shaking, “that’s okay, baby, ’cause I liked you. There’s no reason for you to be shaking. We want you to be great.”

The new season of American Idol kicks off on January 19 and January 20.


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  2. I’m embarrassed for her :/

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