We question whether she can actually tell time, but it appears Kim Kardashian has a new line of watches.

The enterprising sex tape star launched her Bissmor Watch Collection at The Grove in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (December 7).

Kim spent what seemed like an eternity primping and posing for cameras as she continued to capitalize on her young and doltish fans.

CLICK HERE to check out Kim’s new line of garish timepieces.

Meanwhile, say what you will about Kim (and we hope you will), but according to The Daily Beast, she’s the highest paid reality TV star, having earned $6 million this year.

That’s right, the world has hit rock bottom.


  1. seriously u r such a pathetic loser! u keep posting all this hate about the kardashians and u know ur pathetic little blog wont survive without them. she must be SO DUMB to have become so successful. just like u. shes made 6 mill in a year, what have u made?

  2. That is one greedy azz biotch. Funny how she always has her hand out, but never returns the genorsity. I use to like this family, but they are seriously over-exposed, big headed, greedy, selfish, most of all obnixious. This comes from an EX viewer. Oh, plus she COMMANDS 200K – 400k just to SHOW UP at any event, per E! news last night. She “seems” like a nice person, but her inside is very ugly. And some will say she can have any man she wants…yea, for a quick minute – hit it & quit it….Next. Best move Reggie ever made was dumping that trash bag – Touchdwon!

    • @Nicole…you are so right and i co-sign everything you said… you took the words out of my mouth and all i can say is .. you damn right that was the best move Reggie ever made… I believe he was there to hit it quit it and roll over and go to sleep in the first place! And they can say all that good crap about this broad, but all it shows is how messed up Americans are to make a sloppy sex tape making money taking , fake butt injected and padded woman like this famous! fake famous and real not !! ??????

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