Did Nahla Aubry wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

That appeared to be the case as Halle Berry was spotted arriving at a residential location in Beverly Hills today (December 10) with a very grumpy Nahla in her arms.

Halle was all smiles as she walked up to the home which looked more like a possible photo shoot location or a movie set. What could the mother daughter duo be up to?

Meanwhile, Halle stunned TV audiences last night by faking an orgasm on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The Oscar-winner sexed up the chat after handing the host a tub of her favourite popcorn brand, which she described as “orgasmic”.

She said, “I have some Garrett’s popcorn, this is the best, they make caramel corn cheese mix. I can polish off that (tub) in one movie, you have to take a caramel and a cheese together, it’s a mix – it’s orgasmic.”

Leno replied, “It’s orgasmic?” before pouring the tasty treat into her cupped hands, as Berry noisily faked a climax.

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