LeAnn Rimes enjoyed a lovely morning with her boyfriend Eddie Cibrian at the Calabasas Commons in Calabasas, CA today (December 12).

Following an afternoon of brunching and window shopping, the happy couple strolled back to their car holding hands and laughing.

Meanwhile, Eddie’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville has slammed LeAnn for releasing a song about cheating partners, insisting the words are “in poor taste.”

Earlier this week, Miss Rimes released the single Crazy Women, prompting speculation she is singing about Brandi in the track.

She sings, “Crazy women are made by crazy men/ He cheats and lies, then plays the victim/ He don’t know why they always pick them/ Crazy women, ex-wives and old girlfriends/ Keep their crazy hidden/ Till they’re pushed off the deep end.”

Brandi has been left unimpressed with the subject matter of the single, telling E! News, “When your cheating is the cause of a ‘crazy woman’s’ behaviour, it’s in poor taste to sing about it.”


  1. Actually, she’s just saying that a woman is only as crazy as a man makes her. I get that.

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