Ben Affleck joined his wife Jennifer Garner and daughters Violet and Seraphina to the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles on Sunday (December 12).

While young Violet stayed close to her daddy, mommy could be seen totting little Sera around.

Meanwhile, Ben says he lets his wife do all the cooking.

The hunky actor says he isn’t particular skilled in the kitchen department.

“Actually my wife cooks, I will be totally honest, she’s a great cook,” he says. “I don’t even compare, I don’t want to insult her by trying… It’s out of consideration for her that I don’t try. She’s an incredible cook.”


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  2. Ben’s comments about his wife make him sound like a lazy azz. He lets her do all of the Christmas shopping, all of the cooking. What are YOU bringing to the table Ben?

  3. Agreed, Irina. He should at least try to help w/ the cooking duties “out of consideration”. Men that still live in the 1950s annoy the shit out of me. Pull your weight, Ben.

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