What do you do when you’re experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures in the middle of December in Los Angeles? Hit the beach, of course!

And that exactly what Halle Berry did as she made her way to the shores of Malibu on Sunday (December 12) as she treated her young daughter Nahla to an afternoon of sand and surf during the LA heat wave.

Meanwhile, in a new interview with the Daily Mail, Halle opens up about her career.

“There’s no element of ever feeling in control for me,” she says. “I put my heart and soul in a fragrance or a movie project and just hope that people will love them. But whether things turn out the way anybody hopes isn’t really the goal for me – I just like to challenge myself. Sometimes it scares me to death, but for me, it’s always about growing as an artist.” Which is why she’s making her Broadway debut this autumn in The Mountaintop, set in a hotel room in 1968, the night before the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King (played by her Jungle Fever co-star Samuel L Jackson).

As for her personal life?

“I share the childcare with Gabriel – we have a really good situation that works out nicely. And we also have help when we need it, because we both work. I’m madly in love with my daughter, and I’m happy that I waited till I was a little older because I really can enjoy every aspect of being a mother.”


  1. …for another unnecessary photo opp. Barf.

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