Britney Spears looked exhausted as she left the BCBG store in Los Angeles today (December 13).

The 29-year-old pop princess tried furiously to get her sunglasses out of her bag but the shutterbugs managed to capture the songstress with no makeup and bags under her eyes.

Why so stressed or sleepy, Brit?

Meanwhile, Fraser T Smith insists that Britney is “focused” on her new album.

The famed producer revealed that he worked on three tracks with the Toxic star, admitting she was “fantastic” to work with.

“We worked on three tracks and I love them all. I turned up straight from the plane and she was fantastic,” he said. “She made coffee for us all in the studio, her voice was strong and she was totally focused on her music. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I just hope the tracks make the final cut for the album.”

Britney releases her as-yet-untitled seventh studio album in March 2011, preceded by the single Hold It Against Me.

2 Responses to “WHY SO TIRED, BRITNEY?”

  1. Celebrities are under a scrutinizing microscope non-stop all the time, especially Britney. Average americans out for their morning coffee on the weekend look just like this. Because she is not all made up by a makeup team doesn’t mean she looks haggard and actually she should have her rough moments b/c she can’t move a single inch without a camera being shoved in her face. I’d be stressed out too.

  2. She is still a hopeless drug addict.

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