It’s not all work for actor/humanitarian George Clooney.

Joined by a friend, the Oscar-winning actor was spotted hitting the open road on his Harley Davidson motorcycle in Los Angeles on Monday (December 13).

Meanwhile, George has teamed with an international coalition of stars to star in a music video for the ‘We Want Peace‘ global initiative to bring attention to the ongoing genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan.

CLICK HERE to check out a teaser!

Led by Sudanese hip-hop artist, activist and former child soldier Emmanuel Jal, the effort benefits the Global Initiative for Sudan and also features cameos from Alicia Keys, Peter Gabriel, billionaire philanthropist Richard Branson, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and former U.N. Secretary General and Nobel laureate Kofi Annan.

The clip features children holding up signs making the plea “We Want Peace,” and Jal said it was actually students who were instrumental in helping to alert the world to the genocide in his country.

George is urging action now because of fears of the outcome of an upcoming referendum slated for January 9, 2011, in which the people of Southern Sudan and the region of Abyei will participate in a vote that could determine the country’s fate. It is believed that the North will once again launch a civil war if it loses control over the oil-rich southern region of the country. The last civil war, in 1983, lasted 20 years and claimed more than two million lives.

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