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There’s a censorship controversy surrounding the new Our Idiot Brother flick.

Larger than life movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is boo-hooing about ABC’s decision to ban one of the trailers for his company’s latest slapstick comedy.

ABC frowned upon the shots of what looked like a drug deal or a shot of star Paul Rudd pretending to urinate, or the general talk about smoking and getting high.

In response, the Weinstein Company cut another “red band” trailer aimed at “mature” audiences. A saucy statement followed: “We’d like to dedicate our new red band trailer for Our Idiot Brother to censorship everywhere. Enjoy!!”

The folks over at ABC Standards & Practices issued a statement explaining themselves: “The ABC Television Network approved and accepted multiple spots for Our Idiot Brother, and has aired spots for this film. The network did not accept spots that violated our long-established Ad Guidelines.”

The original ad is already airing on other networks as well as YouTube.



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They’re well over their honeymoon phase but Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley are still very much in love.

The celeb couple showed off their affection for each other as departed their home in Los Feliz, CA yesterday (August 24).

Looking stylish in a silk top, white jeans and strappy sandals, the former Grey’s Anatomy actress could be seen hamming it up for the paparazzi as she headed out for a lunch date with her country crooner hubby.

Meanwhile, Fox is set to relaunch a reboot of the classic 1984 adventure/comedy Romancing the Stone with Katherine and actor Gerard Butler in the lead roles.

The original film, directed by Robert Zemeckis starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. The story featured a romance writer, Joan Wilder (Kathleen), who receives a treasure map in the mail from her recently deceased brother-in-law and then heads to Colombia to exchange the map with two goons (Danny Devito is one) for her kidnapped sister. Naturally she gets caught up in a dangerous adventure with Jack Colton (Michael) instead, and the unlikely pair discover a precious stone that everyone in the country wants a piece of.

It’s speculated that Fox wants to start production soon. No word on whether Zemeckis will return to direct.


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Forget Chuck E. Cheese — Cindy Crawford‘s kids have more refined taste.

Joined by a handful of friends, Presley and Kaia Gerber were treated to lunch at Nobu in Malibu on Wednesday (August 24) by their supermodel mom.

The ritzy sushi restaurant is a favourite of her 12-year-old son and daughter, who turns ten next month.

To no surprise, 45-year-old Cindy looked gorgeous during her family outing, wearing a cream blouse, slim-fitting cropped trousers and heels.

Meanwhile, Cindy took time out of her busy schedule this week to remember late photographer Herb Ritts.

The American fashion photographer was famous for his black-and-white photography and portraits. He took many fashion and nude photos of Cindy and eventually set her up with his good friend, actor Richard Gere, at a BBQ held at his mother Shirley’s house. The couple married four years later in 1991, but divorced in 1995.

In a Twitter post yesterday, Cindy writes: “Could never forget #Herbritts – a cherished friend, an amazing man & extraordinary photographer. Grateful for every minute I spent with him.”


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Ciara was spotted leaving her hotel in New York City late late night (August 24).

Looking fab in a white top, brown leather pants and leopard print Christian Louboutins, the R&B songbird happily posed for a few paparazzi pics before heading on her way for a night out on the town.

Before heading out, she tweeted: “I LOVE NY….”

Meanwhile, Ciara is among a handful of celebrities remembering R&B songbird Aaliyah. It was exactly ten years ago that the singer, songwriter and budding actress died in a plane crash off of the Bahamas.



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Kim Kardashian latches her name onto anything and everything — but don’t ever expect to see her near Hollywood and Vine anytime soon.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame does not do reality stars.

In a recent posting on the Walk of Fame’s Facebook page, Ana Martinez, v.p. of media relations and producer for the Hollywood Walk of Fame wrote, “Someone asked if we give reality show characters stars? Hell to the No!”

Kim couldn’t just buy a star, as it goes with all the other stars who fork over $30,000 for a star?

Nope. Martinez tells CNN, “It’s just not on the radar for us right now.” And, she says, the Walk of Fame’s criteria includes: “longevity in their field of entertainment, awards and other honors, and philanthropic work.”

Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Winslet lead the list of upcoming inductees.


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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were spotted departing from the Bowery Hotel in New York City on Wednesday afternoon (August 24).

Taking a break from their signature boho style, the designing duo looked rather chic and well put together as they made their way back home following a lunch meeting. While Mary-Kate showed off her gams in a pair of black jeans, a baggy top and pumps, twin sis Ashley kept things more classic wearing skinny jeans, a white button-down shirt and lots of bulky jewelry.

Meanwhile, Mary-Kate insists her and Ashley’s fashion line isn’t “fast fashion.”

The American twins have three successful fashion labels, The Row, Elizabeth and James and Olsenboye, which all appeal to different markets. The Row is a luxury high-end brand and boasts a host of celebrity fans.

MK says a lot of workmanship goes into the line.

“It’s not fast fashion,” the 25-year-old tells The Telegraph. “We pay so much attention to the fit and the quality and the details. It takes a lot of discipline. But we’ve always been very driven, and we enjoy what we do. It’s what we know.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley are famed for their petite frames. The fashionistas were child stars -and with a lack of labels producing childrenswear, they often had adult clothes from labels such as Chanel cut down to fit.

“We loved it!” Ashley exclaims. “We’d go through racks and racks of clothes, and hours of fittings. When you cut something down that small, it has to be precise. So we’ve always been really interested in fit.

“And over the years we’ve become more educated in fabrics and make, and appreciating those small details. That’s where we start from now, always – what feels right.”

Their attention to detail is apparent with their designs. Ashley says a lot of thought is put into the way the pieces fall on a woman’s body.

“It’s about the drape and the fabric,” she says. “And finding the balance between the two.”


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Flanked by her minders, Katie Holmes was spotted arriving at the Digital Domain Studios in Marina del Rey, CA on Wednesday (August 24).

What could the 32-year-old actress be up to? Well, Digital Domain is a visual effects and animation company founded by film director James Cameron, Stan Winston and Scott Ross. The company is known for creating state-of-the-art digital imagery for feature films, television advertising, interactive visual media and the video game industry.

Meanwhile, the new issue of OK! mag delves into a hot topic that always seems to surround Katie — her weight.

“She was so gaunt,” a so-called pal tells the tabloid of Katie’s appearance during the spring. “Friends said, ‘Katie, you look so much older; you need to put flesh on your bones.’”

Katie has gone to great lengths to be thin, like eating a raw-foods diet. “When she wants to slim down for a role, she eats only unprocessed raw vegetables,” says the source. “Because of the sugar content, she tries not to eat fruit; if she does, she usually sticks to berries, because they have the lowest glycemic index.”

So, what does Katie eat on a typical raw-foods day? “She’ll have carrot soup and a yam for lunch and broccoli for dinner, and she’ll keep a handful of raw almonds for a snack,” says the source, who adds that the diet is extreme. “She doesn’t sustain it for long.”

“After shooting, Tom will take her out so she can pig out and get some much-needed protein,” says an insider. It’s another favourite of Katie’s. “She does a lot of low- carb, high-protein. She and Tom love meat. They have steak houses, like Mastro’s and Cut, in Beverly Hills that they hit regularly. Katie starts with an iceberg wedge and then gets a lean cut of steak.” Another insider says Katie also eats “mostly organic food, avoiding anything processed. White flour and sugar are out, unless she’s treating Suri.”

And what she’s doing is working. “Katie appears to be around 130 pounds,” celeb nutritionist Oz Garcia, Ph.D., who doesn’t work with Katie, tells OK!. “She’s in a healthy BMI.”Ultimately, it’s about balance. “She is a pretty level-headed Midwestern girl,” her pal says. “In the end, it makes sense that she chooses health.”