Bryce Dallas Howard was busting out all over the place as she dropped by the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday night (August 8).

Showing off her pregnancy glow, the expectant actress was on hand to promote her much-buzzed about new flick The Help.

Earlier in the day, Bryce made an appearance on The Talk where she revealed that she suffered severe postnatal depression for 18 months after giving birth to her first baby.

The Spider-Man 3 star, who is now expecting a second child, admitted that she went through a dark period when she felt “more normal” the “further away” she was from her baby son Theo.

“It was so weird because he was born and it was just like this wave of nothingness,” the 30-year-old starlet told co-host Sharon Osbourne. “It lasted for a really long time. It lasted ultimately for 18 months. It was like the further – again, a terrible thing to admit – but the further away that he was from me, the more normal I felt. It was like the closer in proximity I got to him, I just started to get sucked into this kind of really dark place. I mean it was insidious. It was horrible.”

Bryce, who is married to actor Seth Gabel, finally beat the problem while undergoing homeopathic treatment for another issue.

But she admitted that she feels worried that the depression will rear its head again when her new baby arrives, although she added that she feels confident enough to deal with it because of the strong support she has from her friends and family.


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  2. Says:

    Damn, she looks incredible!
    Amazing what a couple extra pounds can do. She looks much better like this than she does at her “normal” hollywood weight.

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