ERIN HEATHERTON: SMOKIN’ HOT IN ST. BARTS » 2011_erin-heatheron-smoking12_fadedyouthblog

One Response to “2011_erin-heatheron-smoking12_fadedyouthblog”

  1. “And her fair locks, that in a knot were tied
    High on her crown, she ‘gan at large unfold;
    Which falling long and thick and spreading wide,
    The ivory soft and white mantled in gold:
    Thus her fair skin the dame would clothe and hide,
    And that which hid it no less fair was hold;
    Thus clad in waves and locks, her eyes divine,
    From them ashamed did she turn and twine.

    Withal she smiled and she blushed withal,
    Her blush, her smilings, smiles her blushing graced:
    Over her face her amber tresses fall,
    Whereunder Love himself in ambush placed:
    At last she warbled forth a treble small,
    And with sweet looks her sweet songs interlaced;
    “Oh happy men I that have the grace,” quoth she,
    “This bliss, this heaven, this paradise to see.”

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