Uber pregnant Jessica Alba chose fashion over comfort as she teetered into a late night chat show in sky-high gold platform heels.

The 30-year-old actress teamed the cork sandals with a mint-green one-shouldered maxi dress for an appearance on TBS’s last ever episode of George Lopez Tonight.

“I can only wear these because I have the wedge at the front,” she laughed. “If I didn’t have this wedge there would be trouble.”

Jessica also revealed her pregnancy craving for watermelons and that her cute three-year-old daughter Honor wants a brother, bizarrely called Sophia.

“She’s obsessed with these characters called Pinkalicious and Olivia and they have little brothers so she wants a little brother named Sophie,” she said. “I don’t know where that came from. I told her that I think if we had a little brother he’d have a really tough life if his name was Sophia.”

Her growing baby bump has done little to deter the Spy Kids 4 star, who is married to Cash Warren, from posing for countless magazine covers.

“You have to emphasise the belly. There’s no sucking it in. I feel good. I’m at the end now so I’m a little tired. I love watermelon, I dream about it I really do, I get them in quarters because it’s easier for me to get to it. I cut that thing up and eat it and don’t even care if I have a stomach ache after. I liked it (before I was pregnant) but this is like I have to have it or I’ll turn into someone psychotic. If you don’t give me my watermelon right now, it’s bad for you.”

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