Always staying on top of the latest fashions, Kellan Lutz attended the launch of the Dylan George and Abbot + Main Fall ’11 Collections at the Grove in Los Angeles today (August 10).

The Twilight actor looked tanned and toned as he checked out the autumn collection that he’s currently the face (and body!) of.

From the event, Kellan posted THIS PIC on his Twitter account before writing, “Abbot+Main Grinning ear to ear. Thanks.” He later added: “HUGE thanks to @Nordstrom and everyone who came out to the Grove for the Abbot+Main launch! I had such an amazing time! Such a memory! Thx u.”

Meanwhile, Kellan is up about the big wedding in the upcoming instalment of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

“I’ve been waiting for it,” he tells OK!. “I read all the books. What I get the biggest kick out of is knowing what the fans are really going to love, so when we shoot a scene like that, like the marriage and the arm-wrestling scene for Kristen [Stewart] and I, I just love when you bring this idea in your head – ‘cause you envision how the scene is going to be shot – and then it comes to reality, and you’re really in the moment and you feel alive and interjected with it. And then you step back, and you’re like ‘the fans are really going to like this. They’re *really* going to like this.’”

He adds, “It was cold as heck that day, but it was beautiful. It really was. It was really special seeing Stephenie Meyer in the back, crying, because this is such an important scene in the movie, the book and the series, and in all the fans lives for them to see it.”

As for what was so beautiful about it?

“It’s a wedding, and these forbidden loves finally become one. The lion and the lamb becoming one, which is truly special. I’m all for marriage. My brother got married – I got teary-eyed at that. I think it’s special. I can’t wait to hear the music that’s going to be laid behind it. I think everyone’s going to love it.”

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