It was all eyes on Olivia Wilde as she attended the UK premiere of Cowboys & Aliens at Cineworld 02 Arena in London today (August 11).

Joined by co-stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, the 27-year-old actress showed off some serious side boob in an otherwise matronly dress as she worked the red carpet ahead of the debut of her new sci-fi western flick.

Meanwhile, Olivia says she had a great time shooting the romantic scene in Cowboys & Aliens.

“We don’t have a bunch of sex scenes or anything but we did have this lovely kiss which was not a terrible day of shooting,” she says. “He [Daniel Craig] was a wonderful kisser. Lovely. He’s got great lips and he’s certainly not hard to fall in love with.”

Olivia says that Bond actor Craig was great to work with.

She raves: “Daniel is so kind, humble and gracious and such a great actor. I just tried to watch him very closely when we were acting because I wanted to learn from him. I’d always admired him. He’s so good at communicating so much by doing so little. His eyes are very expressive. He has so much power and so much presence so I really loved working with him because I felt inspired by him. He doesn’t have any delusions of grandeur. He’s very humble and sweet and very happy to be acting.”

Cowboys & Aliens, which is directed by Jon Favreau and also stars Harrison Ford, is released on August 11.

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