Her life is a drama — and now Brooke Hogan’s body is a work of art.

Joined by her father Hulk Hogan, the 23-year-old reality TV starlet debuted a nude portrait unveiling during the Women In Cages exhibit at the Cafeina Lounge in Miami on Thursday (August 11).

​The exhibit features prominent Miami women — everyone from Elaine Lancaster to Tracy Mourning — and proceeds benefit PETA.

I’ve always had a love for animals and I’ve seen abuse firsthand,” says Brooke. “It ignited my passion for saving them even more.”

As for what it like to be in a cage for the photo shoot? “Jordan Michael Zuniga is an amazing photographer and we were on the same wavelength regarding the concept. He read my mind and portrayed the caged, painful, sad-reality these animals have to live in. The sticker is seeing creatures (beautiful women) we would never THINK of putting in cages, in them. So it really shows how absurd that treatment is. You wouldn’t do it to a human so…”

And the photos are not just for vanity’s sake. There’s a purposes says Brooke. “I hope it shocks them to see a human in the place of an ‘animal.’ We’ve almost gotten past the prejudices and racisms among humans alone, next is animals. We’re all God’s creatures. Just because we don’t speak the same language doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings too.”

As for whether fans can expect to see reality TV in Brooke’s future? She says: “Possibly. Right now I’m focusing on acting, singing, and producing and writing for other people and other shows. I’m also focusing on charities, my shoe/swimwear line and finding a good guy. If anyone has the guts to capture my crazy life, have at it!”


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