Once upon a time, Miley Cyrus used to make headlines for her rebellious. These days, the former wild child is all about work.

Fresh for her latest tour, the singer/actress was a woman at work as she spent the afternoon on Thursday (August 11) reshooting an outdoor scene for her upcoming action comedy So Undercover.

Directed by Tom Vaughan and co-starring Jeremy Piven, Alexis Knapp and Kelly Osbourne, the flick tells the tale of a tough, street-smart private eye who is hired by the FBI to go undercover in a college sorority.

Meanwhile, it appears Miley is a self-professed science nerd.

In a new ad for the upcoming television special called FIRST Science is Rock and Roll, Miley talks about her love for science and more specifically about outer space.

“Everyone in the room is laughing at me because I’m gonna talk about how cool science is and that’s because I’m a nerd,” she says. “My favourite part about science was learning about outer space, and I’m very interested in aliens and what else is out there and all the different planets.”

CLICK HERE to check out the clip.

You can watch her entire segment on FIRST Science is Rock and Roll August 14.

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